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BLS, First Aid & CPR Skills Evaluations

To be eligible for a Skills Evaluation you must have already completed the corresponding course online and have printed out a Certificate of Completion to give to the instructor to verify your authorization to complete the Skills Evaluation. Skills Evaluation sessions take between 45 minutes to one hour to complete.

All in-person Skills Evaluations are performed at our Pearl City Training Facility. They are regularly scheduled on our Class Schedule multiple times throughout the week. After you have completed the online portion of the training and have printed out your certificate of completion, visit our Class Schedule to register for your Skills Evaluation Session. All Skills Sessions must be booked in advance to ensure that we have an instructor available that is certified to do the skill evaluations for your particular class. Skills Evaluations are not available onsite unless there are a minimum of 5 participants needing the evaluation and everyone needs the same type of evaluation.

We offer Skills Evaluations for the following courses:

  1. American Heart Association

  2. BulletHeartsaver First Aid

  3. Training Programs
Community Training
Childcare Training
Healthcare Training
Instructor Training
Lifeguard Training
Wilderness Training
Workplace TrainingHeartsaver CPR & AED

  4. Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED

  5. BLS for Healthcare Providers

  1. American Safety & Health Institute

  2. BulletBasic First Aid

  3. BulletCPR & AED

  4. BulletCPR, AED & Basic First Aid

  5. BulletCPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer

  1. MEDIC First Aid

  2. BulletBasicPlus

  3. BulletCarePlus

  4. BulletPediatric Plus

  5. BulletEmergency Oxygen

  6. BulletChild & Infant Supplement


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