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On-Site Training

At Oahu CPR Training we want to make your learning experience as stress-free as possible so that you will be more relaxed and at-ease.

To accomplish this many of our courses are available for on-site training at your business, or right in the comfort of your own home, whichever you prefer anywhere on the island of Oahu.

Instead of you having to deal with traffic and finding parking, our instructors deal with that for you. You stay comfortable right where you are and let us bring the classroom to you.

Carrying all of the necessary equipment to your location to teach a class is a very expensive, physically demanding and time consuming job, so we do have to charge a higher fee for these classes than the classes we regularly teach at our Pearl City Training Facility where you come to us for the training.

We charge a $25 Onsite Fee per person in addition to the normal cost of the courses shown on our Course Price List* with a $500 minimum.

Because of the high cost of fuel we have to charge a mileage fee which is calculated at $1.00 per mile, one-way from our Pearl City Training Facility to your location using Google Maps. We charge this fee only one-way and do not charge you for the return trip. This mileage fee will be included in the invoice that you will receive in your email when scheduling your class.

To schedule a class onsite at your location call us at 808-OahuCPR (808-624-8277).

* Group, Military and other Discounts that we normally offer are NOT available for Onsite Training at your location and are only available for classes held in our Pearl City Classroom.


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