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About Us & Why We Are The Best

Unfortunately many CPR instructors have no actual field experience in what they are trying to teach you. They simply learned to be a CPR instructor from a course offered by someone else but have no medical background or actual “hands-on” experience in performing CPR on an actual patient. That’s why they will tell you “what” you need to do, but they are not able to explain the clinical reasons behind “why” you need to do things a certain way for better patient outcome.  Thats where Oahu CPR Training is different.

If you are merely looking for a quick CPR class that will simply hand you a certification card in an hour or two, just so that you can say you have one, our classes may not be right for you. We guarantee that you will learn more from our CPR classes than you have ever learned from a CPR class before.

Unlike others, we will not settle for teaching  you to be able to merely perform adequate or “good-enough” CPR. We also do not teach you to merely pass a test at the end of the class.

We want you to be able to perform “High-Quality CPR” and be able to offer the best possible chance for the victim to have a favorable outcome.

We strive to provide the very best training possible to our students. Beginning with using the most advanced and realistic training equipment possible.

Our CPR classes will teach you valuable in-depth knowledge that can only come  from years of practical hands-on, real-world experience in emergency situations.

Unlike other training companies, Oahu CPR Training uses Board Certified Physicians, Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians, Combat Medics, Flight Medics, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technicians (WEMT’s) and Diving Medical Technicians (DMT’s) with over a Century of combined real-world trauma and Sudden Cardiac Arrest experience to teach and oversee our pre-hospital emergency care training courses.

Many of our instructors are members of the National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) and National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT).

With our experienced staff of instructors, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the most thorough and up-to-date pre-hospital emergency care training available, that will be easy for you to understand and remember in an actual emergency situation.

We also utilize the most advanced, and life-like training equipment to provide the most realistic training possible. We also offer the widest selection of pre-hospital emergency care training courses available anywhere on Oahu.

Our courses cover a wide range from Community First Aid & CPR classesPet First Aid & CPR Classes, Workplace First Aid & CPR certification, Wilderness First Aid Certification, Healthcare CPR certification, all the way up to  First Aid & CPR Instructor Training courses.


Oahu CPR Training is Committed

to Providing the Highest Quality

Prehospital Emergency Care Training

to the EMS and Medical Communities

as well as Providing Life-Saving Skills

and Health & Safety Training

to the General Public.

All training provided by Oahu CPR Training is coordinated through and supervised by Dr. Anderson our Training Facility Director, and Dr. Matsuura our Medical Director.

Dr. Anderson has 18 years of firefighting and 25 years of EMS, & rescue service experience on top of his 6 years as a combat medic. He has been a First Aid & CPR Instructor for over 30 years and an Instructor Trainer for over 10 years.

Dr. Matsuura has 30 years as a Board Certified Physician specializing in Pediatrics and is a  graduate of the University of Hawaii John A Burns School Of Medicine. She has been a practicing physician with Kaiser Permanente since 1986.

Our CPR & First Aid training and certification courses include Pediatric, Adult Only, or Adult, Child and Infant courses.

We also provide Airway Management courses, Oxygen Administration courses, Childcare and Babysitting Safety courses, Pet First Aid & CPR courses, Advanced First Aid courses, and Wilderness First Aid courses.

We offer Traditional Classroom instruction as well as Blended Learning options for many of our American Heart Association courses where you complete the course online, then practice the skills you learned and have your skills evaluated in front of a Certified Instructor at Our Training Facility to better serve your needs and training requirements.

Our First Aid, CPR, AED and Basic Life Support training and certification courses are open to anyone who wants to learn these valuable life-saving techniques either required for your employment, personal enrichment, or to help you save a loved one’s life.

Our Certified Instructors utilize the the latest equipment and instructional techniques and materials to make the learning experience fun, and most importantly, as realistic as possible so that you are better prepared to handle an actual emergency situation.

Do you need to get your certification in order to start a new job, but can’t afford to get certified until after you get the job? We now offer a financing solution through Bill Me Later that you can use to get your certifications today and have up to 6 months to pay for them without having to pay high interest rates that others charge.

Oahu CPR Training provides:

Convenient 24-Hour Online Class Registration

Private Group Classes

Open Enrollment Group Classes

Classes Scheduled 7 Days a Week

Last Minute Certification

“After Hours” Training

Online “Blended Learning” courses

We currently offer a wide variety of courses ranging from:

First AId & CPR Instructor Training

Dog & Cat First Aid & CPR

Babysitting First Aid & Safety

Basic First Aid Certification & Recertification

CPR & AED Certification & Recertification

Adult First Aid CPR & AED Certification & Recertification

Infant, Adult & Child First Aid, CPR & AED Certification & Recertification

Pediatric First Aid, CPR & AED Certification & Recertification

Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS) Certification & Recertification

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification & Recertification

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers Certification & Recertification

Emergency Oxygen Administration

Airway Management

Advanced First Aid CPR & AED Certification & Recertification


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