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Wilderness First Responder (WFR)



New Textbooks Will Not Be Printed Until Summer 2016

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

The Wilderness First Responder  (WFR) course is a 60 hour course held over 7 days that is geared toward wilderness professionals, law enforcement officers, and others who want a higher level of training or require WFR certification.

This may include trip-leaders and guides, organizational wilderness camp leaders, professional rescuers, workplace response-team members, and anyone planning extensive wilderness trips.

Wilderness First Responder Class
Participants will learn how to avoid, prevent, and prepare for emergencies in the backcountry, when medical help is not available. The course includes classroom training, hands-on role-play, and practical training in outdoor settings regardless of weather conditions.

Each day, instructors focus on providing a balance of lecture, interactive discussions, scenarios, real case reviews, and practical labs. In order to ensure the course is as realistic as possible, all of our courses feature the latest equipment, such as AED trainers, oxygen delivery devices, pulse oximeters, litters, backboards, immobilization devices, and wound management supplies. Students will also practice improvising with limited supplies in order to understand how to use and apply available equipment during an emergency.

Skills covered will include:

  1. BulletPatient Assessment

  2. Training Programs
Community Training
Childcare Training
Healthcare Training
Instructor Training
Lifeguard Training
Wilderness Training
Workplace TrainingSituation Analysis

  3. Long-term Patient Care

  4. Head / Neck / Spine Injuries

  5. BulletShock

  6. BulletWound Management

  7. BulletFractures and Traction Splinting

  8. BulletHeat & Cold Illness

  9. BulletAltitude Illness

  10. BulletBehavioral Emergencies

  11. BulletBites & Stings

  12. BulletAllergies and Anaphylaxis

  13. BulletDiabetes

  14. BulletDeveloping a Plan

  15. BulletOrganizing a Rescue

  16. BulletPotential Environmental Hazards

  17. BulletDecision-Making Under Duress

  18. BulletWilderness First Aid Kits

  19. BulletPsychological Stress


Professional Rescuer Level CPR / AED Certification (Basic Life Support), Familiarity with the text: Wilderness Emergency Care by Steve Donolan (Provided at registration).

Course Completion Time: 60 Hours  (Course is held over 7 days)

Successful completion is based on achievement of the core learning objectives and skills demonstration rather than a prescribed instruction time. Actual times may vary.

Certification Period: 2 Years

Note: The fist two days of this class are equivalent to Wilderness First Aid. If you are Wilderness First Aid Certified, you may have the option of attending only the last five days of classes. Please call to discuss your options.

Course Price:  For current course price, please see our Course Price List.


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