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Basic Life Support

This course is also available as an Online Blended Learning Course

This course replaces the former BLS for Healthcare Providers course which has been discontinued by the American Heart Association.


The AHA’s new Basic Life Support or BLS Course has been updated to include science and education from the 2015 Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC. It teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both prehospital and in-facility environments, with a focus on high-quality CPR and team dynamics.

Where 2-Rescuer CPR skills were taught in past BLS for Healthcare Provider classes, the new Basic Life Support class will now teach up to 6-Rescuer CPR skills.

This course does NOT teach First Aid. If you are also needing First Aid certification, please see our Heartsaver®  First Aid course.

In the Instructor-led course, students participate in simulated clinical scenarios and learning stations. Students work with an AHA BLS Instructor to complete BLS skills practice and skills testing. Students also complete a written exam and must receive a minimum score of 84% to successfully pass the class.



Skills will be practiced and tested using advanced computerized QCPR manikins to ensure that high-quality CPR skills are being performed. Evidence supports using feedback during CPR training improves both skill acquisition and retention. Real-time feedback enhances performance both during training and debriefing after. Simply put, when you know better, you do better.



AUDIENCE: The course is intended for certified or non-certified, licensed or non-licensed healthcare professionals.


  1. BulletThe importance of high-quality CPR and its impact on survival

  2. All of the steps of the Chain of Survival and apply the BLS concepts of the Chain of Survival

  3. Recognize the signs of someone needing CPR

  4. Perform high-quality CPR for adults, children and infants

  5. The importance of early use of an AED and demonstrate its use

  6. Provide effective ventilations by using a barrier device

  7. BulletThe importance of teams in multi-rescuer resuscitation and perform as an effective team member during multi-rescuer CPR with up to 6 rescuers at a time

  8. BulletThe technique for relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (choking) for adults and infants


  1. BulletVideo based course ensures consistency

  2. BulletInstructor led, hands on class format reinforces skills proficiency

  3. BulletStudent manual comes with new Pocket Reference Card, designed to provide quick emergency information to the rescuer at any time

  4. BulletCourse is updated with the new 2015 science

In the classroom, students participate in simulated clinical scenarios and learning stations. Students work with an AHA BLS Instructor to complete BLS skills practice and skills testing. Students also complete a written exam.

Course Completion Time:

Approximately: 5 - 9 Hours

Successful completion is based on achievement of the core learning objectives and skills demonstration rather than a prescribed instruction time. Actual class times may vary. We will not move onto the next skill unless everyone feels comfortable with their mastery of that skill. Additional practice time for each skill may be required depending on class participant skill level. Such additional practice time will lengthen the overall class time..

CERTIFICATION: Upon completion of this course, students receive an American Heart Association Basic Life Support Course Completion Card that is valid for two years.

During the course, an AHA Instructor conducts video-based lessons and works with students to complete their Basic Life Support skills practice and testing.

Certification Period: 2 Years

Course Price:  For current course price, please see our Course Price List.

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